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Our office has been designated by Congress to be a debt relief agency because we counsel people on filing for bankruptcy.

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Bankruptcy Attorney in San Diego

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Chapter 13  A Chapter 13 reorganization is excellent program that allows you to "catch up" on past due payments over time.  

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy The most common Bankruptcy proceeding is a Chapter 7.  A Chapter 7 will discharge most unsecured debt and provide you with a fresh start.  

Debt Settlement As an alternative to Bankruptcy, Debt Negotiation and Settlement are useful and effective tools.  

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I'm ​Keith Herron and I've been assisting people in San Diego with Debt Issues for over 25 years.  I will personally work with you every step of the way. I offer payment plans to get you representation right now. Call me at ( ​619) 450-7962 with your questions and let's get started.


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