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            A Chapter 7 discharge wipes out your credit card and personal loan debt and allows you to continue to pay for your Home, Car and any other property you wish to retain.
 How it works
When you meet with us, we gather all the necessary information regarding your assets, income and debts.  We analyze your entire financial picture and determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 protection. Once your case is filed,  An Automatic Stay takes place which STOPS most creditor actions against you.  The Automatic Stay stops creditor harassment, lawsuits, repossessions, wage garnishments and bank levies, to name a few of it’s effects. There are limited exceptions which we can explain as they may relate to your individual circumstances.
Keep your Property
Federal Bankruptcy and State Law provides “ exemptions” which allows individuals to retain the property they own without worry about being taken by creditors. Secured property, that is, property that is used as security for a loan, can be kept so long as you continue to make payments to the creditor. Most commonly, Houses and Cars.
Chapter 7 Trustee
The filing of a Bankruptcy petition creates a “bankruptcy estate” which consists of all of your property. The Trustee reviews all the paperwork in the case and holds a hearing to make sure that the paperwork is complete and deals with creditor concerns.
If the trustee determines that “non-exempt” property exists, the trustee liquidates the property to pay creditor claims.  Most people do not have non-exempt property.

Discharge of Debts
After about 100 days, the case is discharged. This means that all unsecured debt is eliminated forever and permanently stops all creditors from attempting to collect on the debts.
Personal Attention to Detail

Keith Herron personally handles all cases and is with you throughout the entire process.  Herron and Associates is not a law firm mill. You will not be simply one of the crowd from mass advertising. There is no substitute for individual personal service from a lawyer who is with you from start to finish. 
I am Keith Herron. I wrote this and I am personally here to answer your questions and help you through this difficult time.  I can help you.  Call me at (619) 450-7962 or E-Mail me at keith@herronandassociates.com.

Keep your Home and your Car

The most common Bankruptcy is a Chapter 7. A Chapter 7 proceeding eliminates most unsecured debts and provides you with a fresh start.

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